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„ Support to vulnerable groups of wodmen for inclusion in the labor market in the context of the consequences caused by the KOVID-19 pandemic “

JUNE 2020 – DECEMBER 2020.

Objective of the project is to improve the position of single mothers, women over 45 years of age and Roma women, in the municipalities of Pirot and Belgrade, affected by the consequences of the Kovid-19 panemic, in the field of employment.

Within the project, the following single activities:

1. Determining the current employment status of defined categories of women after the state of emergency (March-May 2020), introduced due to the Kovid-19 pandemic, through a pilot – telephone survey. The survey was conducted in June by ABW member, Tatjana Mamula Nikolić, and her team.

2. Workshop: Revealing the potential of vulnerable groups for self-employment. The trainer at this workshop will be our member Tijana Sekulić, a certified CMC trainer.

3. Workshop: Introducing the defined groups of women with the rights and obligations of employees. The trainer will be our member, Ljubica Radović, a lawyer with expertise in business law.

4. Workshop: Preparing representatives of vulnerable groups in both cities for a dialogue with authorities. Training will be led by Lola Milojević, an international consultant for gender issues and communications.

5. Establishing a dialogue through a round table, between defined groups of women, local self-government and employers in order to integrate vulnerable groups into the labor market.

6. Development of a document with recommendations for the integration of vulnerable groups of women in the labor market. The document will be submitted to the local self-government, the National Employment Service, the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy, the Association of Employers, etc.

The project is funded by the Open Society Foundation.